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Safran Ventilation Systems, a subsidiary of Safran Passenger Solutions is a major actor in the sector of high-performance ventilation applied to aeronautics and defense.




With over 40 years of experience, the company develops innovative technologies and offers an efficient service, constantly satisfying and anticipating its customers' demands and needs.

Safran Ventilation Systems benefits from a global presence in terms of customer support and from a wide-ranging expertise in civil and military aviation: commercial aircraft, business jets, regional aircraft and helicopters. Safran Ventilation Systems takes advantage of its multiple areas of expertise to bring continually to the market improved ventilation technologies and equipment, mainly for ATA21 and ATA32.

Our company offers a large range of products: low pressure ventilation systems, axial and centrifugal fans, brake cooling fans, brushless motor fans, turbofans, air valves for air conditioning, skin air valves, butterfly valves, avionics cooling fans, electric fan heaters, water separators, air/oil cooling systems.

Our presence on new programs such as those of the Airbus A380 and A350 or the Boeing 787, or the Embraer Ejet, as well as our offers of services contracts to customers (such as the one recently signed with Qatar airline), consolidate our leading position.

As an example:

  • Safran Ventilation Systems supplies all equipment for avionics ventilation and braking and on the range of Airbus commercial aircraft with seating over 100 seats.
  • Safran Ventilation Systems has been established for many years on the regional aircraft market, supplying all ventilation equipment (fans, valves) on the main programs (Bombardier Aerospace, Embraer, ATR, etc.)
  • Safran Ventilation Systems also equips military airplanes (Dassault), business jets (Falcon, Cessna, Bombardier Aerospace, Embraer) and civil and military helicopters (Agusta, Airbus Helicopters).




Serge Pons
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie Boschetti
Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra Merleau
Human Resources Director

Alexandra Clavier
Quality Director

Thierry Bourgeois
VP Marketing, Sales & Customers Services

Paul Gallard
Purchasing Director

Franck Mir
Industrial Director

Laurent Bouchard
Vice President Engineering

Mike Sanders
General Manager Safran Ventilation Systems US

Sylvain Boisrobert
Continuous Improvement Director

Gender Equality

Safran Ventilation Systems rating: 87 / 100

Criterion No. 1: Difference in average salary between men and women.

Criterion No. 2: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a raise.

Criterion No. 3: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a promotion.

Criterion No. 4: Whether all women received a raise on returning from a maternity/adoption leave.

Criterion No. 5: Number of women in the top 10 paying positions.


Each minute of their flight, air passengers benefit from the comfort and safety provided by Safran Ventilation Systems equipment both for cabin ventilation and avionics bays.

Consequently, in order to meet our customers' requirements and completely satisfy them, we commit to the highest levels of security and performance, taking into account health, safety and environment issues from the initial design stages.


  • Through expertise in qualification tests and their implementation in our development cycle and by taking into account information obtained during maintenance and repair works
  • By looking after people and our working environment


  • Through innovation in our fans' management and regulation systems
  • By respecting our industrial performance commitments (deliveries on time, zero faults)
  • Through the management of our teams on manufacturing and assembly lines using the QRQC (Quick, Response, Quality, Control) method
  • By optimizing volumes and reliability in order to meet the financial requirements of airlines
  • By implementing security management systems at our repair workshops

Customer satisfaction

Our quality policy is based on the ongoing improvement of our performance with a view to permanently satisfying our customers.


Serge Pons
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

It is essential to respect our commitments to customers and suppliers, in order to maintain their trust, establishing a real partnership.
In addition, we feel it is important to maintain a high level of expertise amongst personnel working on our systems and products, so we can offer increasingly innovative and competitive solutions, meeting our customers' expectations worldwide.
Our performance is based on our capacity to get things right first time and to achieve excellence on a daily basis.

Safran Ventilation Systems' customer satisfaction systems are a well-oiled machine, and the company can be proud of a ranking in the Airbus Rating for 11 consecutive years, a "Notable Mention" SQIP award last year, and of a "Best Improver" nomination from Airbus Helicopters in 2015.



Discover Safran Ventilation Systems' history


Atelier de Technofan en 1986




Safran Ventilation Systems maintains long-term and balanced relationships with its suppliers and assists them in improving their performance.

Safran Ventilation Systems Purchasing Department

Suppliers, major partners for Safran Ventilation Systems

The Safran Ventilation Systems Purchasing Department manages production purchases. This entity sources the direct and indirect purchases from a range of a hundred suppliers and handles an order volume totaling over 37 million euros yearly at an international level.



Compliance and sustainability of relationships


Safran Ventilation Systems' purchasing policy is in line with its excellence and competitiveness objective and is entirely consistent with its industrial policy and its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy as well as with the Safran Passenger Solutions Purchasing policy.
The Safran Ventilation Systems Purchasing policy aims to focus business to suppliers who meet our requirements and who meet the specific regulations of the aerospace, defense and security markets. Suppliers who are also willing to engage with Safran Ventilation Systems in a long-term relationship that is balanced and mutually beneficial.


8 main purchasing areas:

  • Electronics
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Foundries – sheet metalwork
  • Equipment
  • Machining
  • Technical products
  • Bearings, seals


EUR 37 million
in purchases per year
France (Blagnac)
US (Everett)
A team of
6 buyers


Consistency and proximity – The Supplier Performance Management Team

This team applies the Group's purchasing strategies, manages supplier performance and is on the ground to help our suppliers in case of problems.

Safran Ventilation Systems expects its suppliers to be participants in a process of ongoing progress and continued increase in competitiveness. In return, Safran Ventilation Systems is committed to being by their side to help them achieve these goals.




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