Avionics bay cooling system

The avionics bay cooling system is sold as a kit

It contains the following spare parts:

Cooling System AM1605A00

Weight (kg): 2.35

Current (A): Mechanical

Flow rate (l/s): 289

Pressure (hPa): 6.1

Max. operating temperature (°C): -70/+120

Type: AC axial

Max. speed (rpm): 7900

Exchanger and discharge valve (HA1605A00)

Weight (kg): 1.4

Type: air/oil exchanger

Nozzle guide vane + deflector (RD1605A00)

Weight (kg): 0.8

Current (A): mechanical

Flow rate (l/s): 272l/s

Type: mechanical fan nozzle guide vane

R.A.B Fan AE0806B03

Weight (kg): 2.16

Current (A): 0.7

Flow rate (l/s): 80

Pressure (hPa): 9

Frequency (Hz): 400

Max. operating temperature (°C): -45/+70

Electrical power (W): 224

Speed regulation: Single speed

Voltage (V): 115/200  

Type:  AC Axial

Wheel (RU1605A00)

Weight (kg): 0.2

Current (A): mechanical

Flow rate (l/s): 272l/s

Total pressure rise (hPA): ≥ 5.9

Type: mechanical fan wheel

Max. speed (rpm): 7900

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