Safran Ventilation Systems inventing tomorrow's solutions

Safran Ventilation Systems has been a player on all civil and military aviation markets for over 40 years, offering a comprehensive range of high-performance products dedicated to ventilation solutions. Its overarching goal has always been customer satisfaction.

All equipment manufactured by Safran Ventilation Systems (fans, valves, check valves, thermal exchangers, flow rate or pressure sensors, electric motors, etc.) must meet a range of requirements. These requirements are both operational and economic, and 3 essential qualities are key: safety, performance and reliability.

Time and again, our company has set itself apart through its ground-breaking technological innovations in aeronautical ventilation. Safran Ventilation Systems has been a pioneer in the use of new materials and technologies, and has continued to innovate.

All Safran Ventilation Systems' equipment - whether electric, electronic, mechanical or pneumatic - is designed, assembled and tested within the company. Safran Ventilation Systems has been part of the Safran Passenger Solutions division since 2014 and develops expertise in the field of electric motors, as part of the electrical chain of the Safran Passenger Solutions division.

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